Libra as Employees


First thing you should know about a Libra is that they aim to please. So having one as an employee is lucky. They'd do things how you want it, when you need it, regardless of the time and effort they need to exert. They get things done even if it means they need to come in early and leave late. They are nearly as perfectionists as a Scorpio which is beside them on the zodiac wheel and as detailed as the Virgo which comes before them. Although they may seem ideal employees, one should still tread carefully around Libras because one day they might be vibrant and productive but the next day they can be brooding and completely uncooperative. It's not about having mood swings, though. This can be due to external factors in the office. Libras are very detailed and dedicated but can be easily distracted. They need a good working environment to be productive. Or at least they need to get things done their way. Yes, they are smart and usually very talented but they can be sensitive about their surroundings. A simple noise can ruin their momentum. Even a dirty carpet or a new wall paper design that doesn't suit their taste. Libras usually lean on the aesthetics and can appreciate art but a badly done design can easily piss them off. It's not only the visuals or anything that stimulates their senses.

Libras are normally calm and are the last people to get in any kind of drama at the work place. But it's not that they are immune to it. As mentioned earlier, Libras are sensitive to their surroundings. They just prefer to weigh things first before reacting on an issue. They are normally calm and very seldom freak out over things at the work place. They don't like conflict so they try to be diplomatic about everything. Libras are peacemakers and would usually go in between two parties quarreling to try and sort problems out. That said a Libra is usually good counsellors or human resources people. Their close to perfection manner of working makes them very qualified to be managers or team leaders. The problem with them is that they take time to decide and managers usually need to do on the spot decision. This is minor, though, and can be remedied by good management training. Libras are very ambitious so they will go all out to get their desired position.

A fun working environment is something a Libra needs. They won't mind a bit of upbeat music background while working away on their tasks but keep it to a minimum so they don't get carried away or distracted.

The best way to know what makes a Libra employee happy and content with their tasks, or find out what they need to make them more productive is to ask. These people like to lay down their cards on the table and be honest especially if they know it will resolve what needs to be resolved so they can move on and proceed to the next important task. So go ahead a talk to them, let them know if they're doing things right or what is there to improve. They won't be offended with suggestions. The Libra will only be too happy to hear feedback so they can teach of ways to improve their skills.

Born between November 23 and December 21, this fire sign has a strong ego. Unlike the rest of the fire signs Aries and Leo, have a much greater ego so much that it often comes as stubbornness. Librans are much calmer and would not be as short tempered. Archers may think that they are more smart than others which is much likely to be true, since they possess a great deal of knowledge about almost everything which they might have just picked up during a random conversation or surfing through TV channels. Even if they donít, they are likely to impress you by their big words making you believe in their intelligence. They are most likely not lying and actually believe that they are more knowledgeable than others.

Librans think highly of themselves, they may not be hurt easily, but it does not imply that you can walk off after doing anything with them. They may be the most chirpy and happy-go-lucky signs of all but can be very stubborn in some cases. If you hurt him in some way or put him/her out in public they will make sure that everyone knows of all your faults and wrong deeds that you have done to them. They are not the once to let go of an issue very easily that might have hurt their ego, unless of course they think itís a waste of their precious time and energy.

You might expect them to be modest and humble, but instead get an arrogant and self centered person who believes that he is high above everyone else which they obviously are not. They think the world owes them everything and they like to be the centre of attraction, thus generally hanging out in a large group and boasting of their intellect. Anyone trying to get them off their high alter will have a run for their life. They generally know their worth but try to show much more of it, that also means that boasting there ego unnecessarily or just to get them to do some work may backfire at times.

The main reason for a Sagittarianís high and strong ego is there intellectual qualities and their know-it-all nature. Often due to their capability to attract attention of a large gathering or that special someone, Librans will not appreciate anyone who shows them the mirror of their superficial nature and may either cut off from that person instantly or in some cases, create issue of the fact and manage to trouble the person a great deal. Their ego may sometimes be such, that it impairs their understanding of themselves and come out as snobbish, illogical and hypercritical. There overconfidence, bluntness, aggressiveness, love of freedom and the ability to see things as they are may seldom portray as ego to a lot of people. But neither you nor Librans themselves can change this inherent trait of their existence, rather, they take pride in this attribute.

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