Dating a libra woman

Dating a Libra woman

Dating A Libra Woman

A Libra woman can be very charming and it's easy for her to have men wrapped around her fingers. She has a way to make men (and people in general) feel comfortable around her if she wants to. Like the Libra man, she flirts a lot but is very interested in establishing a relationship. She is on the constant look out for her one true love. Although she is confident and aggressive enough, she won't be the first to ask a guy out. She, however, knows how to use her charms to get a guy to ask her out instead. When she uses this, you can be sure the guy he has her eyes on will get hooked. She's not easy to pin down, though. Getting a Libra woman in an emotional relationship may be hard. She is open to casual dates and fun activities but you need to give her time if you want to ask her to join activities with your family or more intimate gatherings.

Libra women also possess the social grace every other women wants to have. They are very outgoing so you will see them in parties and social gatherings a lot. The bigger the crowd, the better. She's very pleasant to be with and knows when to say things and how to say them. Expect her to be the one to fill up awkward silences on your date. There will be no dull moments with her and if she likes her date she will let him know through body language.

A Libra woman is attracted to physical beauty first and foremost. A nice smile can go a long way so keep up your pearly whites. She will be dressed to the hilt if she needs to be and, at least, be very presentable in regular days so she expects the same from her date. She can be fickle when it comes to decisions because she doesn't like making them in a rush but she is also very intellectual so don't let her beautiful physique think she's all that. She's observant and is very quick to pick up on conversations and can actually express her own opinions in very well chosen words. There's no doubt how Libra women are sophisticated. They tend to be cultured and won't tolerate trashy people or places. If she says yes when you asked her on a date plan to go to a very romantic and elegant restaurant. Do this especially on the first date. They have a taste for finer things and you need to make a good first impression.

Being represented by scales, Libra women are all for fairness and equality. She is partial and always tries to look at both sides of the story before making a stand about it. She can be the peacemaker and she works to make relationships harmonious so if you want to keep dating her make sure you don't pick up arguments too much. She may be able to tolerate you at first but don't expect her to do so at all times. Another thing that may be associated with the scales is a Libran's ever continuing search for a partner that will bring balance in her life. A better-half, since these women are hopeless romantics too.

These classy women may come off as materialistic and snobbish at first but she knows how to make you feel like the luckiest guy in the world; if you can keep up with her personality and be able to give her what she needs, she will give you her loyalty and undivided attention.

by: Bryce Jackson
Published: Dec 29th 2010

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